Yaki Nori Wraps

Often people want to know a substitute for bread.  I think the yaki nori wraps, which my family can’t get enough of at the moment, would be a great bread substitiute .  I try to double the dip we use on the Yaki Nori, so we can use the leftover dip with vegetable sticks later.  I found this cashew dip recipe and we love it.

Open Yaki Nori Wrap

Open Yaki Nori Wrap



julienne vegetable (cucumber, capsicum, carrot, celery)

sliced mushroom


crab meat


For the nut pate:

150g Cashew Nuts

¼ cup water

Chunk of fresh ginger

Garlic clove

1 Tablespoon of lemon  juice

1 Tablespoon of Tamari

+ Sheets of yaki nori (dried seaweed sheets)


Blend the nuts to a crumb and slowly add the water and lemon juice, then the minced garlic, ginger and Tamari till it resembles a smooth (not runny) consistency.

Take a sheet of nori and place it shiny side down.  Spread the Nut pate in a straight line along the bottom edge covering about 3 cm of the yaki nori, at the top of the pate edge, place a line of meat, and some julienned vegetables, carrot etc, on top of this 3 cm covering of nut pate– then roll.  Just before reaching the end of the sheet wet the exposed strip with a little water.  Apply gentle pressure to join the edges of the nori.  You can eat them in the big roll or cut them up for little samples.