When I first decided to eat Paleo, the hardest part for me to understand was how was I going to eat and enjoy breakfast.  My old CrossFit coach led me to the Mark’s Daily Apple site with this fantastic recipe.  Just beware, too many nuts can irritate your gut.

Child decorated No-Oatmeal

Child decorated No-Oatmeal


5 small handfuls of walnuts, 

5 small handfuls of pecans, 

2 Tbsp ground linseed meal

3 tsp ground cinnamon 

1/4 tsp of ground nutmeg 

1/4 tsp of ginger

Reserve 4/5 of the above ingredients for another serving.

3 eggs

1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk

banana mashed

1 Tbsp almond butter

2 tsp pumpkin seeds

handful fresh berries or goji berries


In a food processor, process walnuts, pecans, linseed meal and spices until it resembles a course grain (stop before it becomes powder).   For 1 serving use 1/5 of this nut mixture and reserve the rest in tight fitting jar for another 4 servings another day.

Whisk together the eggs and almond milk into a large microwave bowl.

In another bowl mash the banana with a fork and then continue to mash adding in the almond butter.

Next, stir the egg and banana mixtures together in the microwave bowl.

Stir in the portion of nut mixture.

Microwave the mixture for 1 min and then give it a stir making sure to mix in all the partially cooked mixture off the sides.  return the mixture to the microwave for another 50 secs and then stir the mixture again.  Continue to decrease the timer on the microwave till it reaches the consistency desired.      My household likes no-oatmeal still wet, so we are careful not to overcook the mixture.

Sprinkle the no-oatmeal with pumpkin seeds and in season fruits or goji berries.

Serves –  1 person (or in my home me and my two girls and then we might have some vegetables and meat).  We are careful not to eat too much.